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Our #1 priority at Sea To Sky Inspections is you, the client. While every home is unique and has its own set of challenges, we believe that it is better to know up front what you are dealing with. Whether you are getting a home or termite inspection in San Diego, you will be armed with our easy to understand inspection report and the knowledge it provides. All home inspection reports are written and printed on site and then discussed in detail. You can count on us to deliver a thorough and efficient home inspection.


Home Inspection

Our San Diego home inspectors have over 10 years in building and construction experience and have completed thousands of Home, Termite and water damage inspections. Our inspectors are licensed, insured and members of InterNachi, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, the world’s largest inspection trade association.

Termite Inspection

We specialize in Escrow certification, wood repair and local treatments. We try to avoid Fumigation at all costs but if the house needs it, we are the team to manage it for you. We partner with California's best Fumigation contractors to ensure your home receives the best care possible while the circus tent is on your house.                                                                          

Sewer Inspection

Many homeowners are unaware that they are responsible for maintaining the sewer line that connects their home to the city sewer system at the street. As a prospective home buyer, failure to inspect the sewer line of the home you want to purchase could leave you paying for future repairs if the sewer has cracks, tree roots or a broken line.


Our Practice

Based in San Diego, CA. We are a full service inspection firm specializing in Home Termite & Sewer Inspections. We are proud to represent both home buyers and sellers on their largest financial transaction.


We take the stress out of buying and selling your home

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