Jul 08, 2020

The BEST Home Inspectors in San Diego


Steven Mills: Welcome to Inspect This House. The one show that focuses on the good, the bad and the ugly of the San Diego home buying experience.

Andrea Mills: If you're into cool, crazy stories of the home buying experience, hit that subscribe button above.

Steven Mills: Hi, I'm Steven Mills, and this is my wife, Andrea, and we're here with Sea to Sky, Home and Termite Inspections right here in San Diego. And we help home buyers avoid making costly mistakes.

Andrea Mills: Buying a house is a very exciting experience, very costly as well. But did you know that the average homeowner spends less than 20 minutes before they decide to buy the house?

Steven Mills: That means that you didn't have enough time to inspect things like our tankless water heater, our homes mini split system, the foundation. What about termites?

Andrea Mills: That's where we come in. Sea to Sky Inspections is here to help the home buyer make the right decision before they move in.

Steven Mills: What Andrea just said is absolutely correct. The average home buyer spends less than 20 minutes inside the home before deciding to purchase. That means they didn't have enough time to properly inspect all the homes major systems. For example, we're in this beautifully renovated kitchen, but what's not seen is the hidden mold, the water leak issues, the garbage disposals that aren't working, the dishwashers that are leaking and oven that's not correctly plumbed. All of this led to over $8,000 of unforeseen damages and hidden costs. Inspect This House is the one show that teaches buyers what to look for and see in the home before they make this large investment. Now that you've got a better idea on the types of videos that we're going to be creating. Here's why they're important.

Preparation is everything. Buying a home is the biggest purchase you're going to make. That's why I exist, is to help protect that investment. One of the worst stories I ever had, actually, this was just two weeks ago here in San Diego was we had a sewer line backup that caused over $40,000 of damage and the customer had to move out of their home. And they're still not back today. If the customer had spent $200 in getting a sewer line inspection, they would have been able to avoid this very costly mistake.

Our job here at Sea To Sky is to fully inform you everything about your home. We're here to find everything from the small, things like missing doorstops to the big, like broken plumbing to the major like electrical hazards that can harm you or your family. Inspect This House is the one show that's going to show you what to look for when you're searching out for your next home, before you send in the professionals like myself.

Andrea Mills: On this show, we're going to show you all the crazy stories that we see. We do over 60 inspections a month. And we've got a lot of stories to tell. One of those stories is that one time Steve found a 12 foot snake in a closet that we had to dispose off, I'm not going to talk about how we did it, but we will get to that later. Us as home inspectors see some crazy things. This is our crawl space. We have to go down here at every inspection to make sure that your house is in great condition. We have seen some crazy things in here from parsons to spiders and everything above.

Steven Mills: Not too many people want to come down here, but I will.

Andrea Mills: So what do you think, Inspect This House is San Diego's only show where we are going to show you how to avoid costly mistakes.

Steven Mills: So if you're into that kind of thing, subscribe above. And if you need a home inspector, call us. Steven Mills here at Sea To Sky Home and Termite Inspections right here in San Diego.

Andrea Mills: Stay tuned for our next episode.

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