Sewer Inspection


Sewer Scope Inspection

In Southern California several different types of material have been used for plumbing in homes - Clay, Cast Iron and Galvanized are the most common in homes built before the 1980's - currently we use plastic. Millions of homes have been built with these drainage systems and without maintenance, they will fail over time.

What are we looking for?

A common sewer pipe problem is caused by tree roots getting into the pipes. Roots will travel a very far distance in search of moisture. Small cracks, leaks or failing joints in a sewer pipe are hot spots for roots that are in search of water and the nutrient rich waste that passes through your sewer line. Left unchecked, roots will continue to grow and cause more damage to the pipes. We also look for cracks, bows, pooling water and any intrusion that impedes the sewer lines drainage.


Locate Damage

The small camera line that goes into the pipes has a transmitter that can be located using a handheld device during the inspection. This enables us to locate the damaged area and put a stake or flag in the ground to mark the exact spot where the repair technicians will need to work at.